Gear 101

Watch and listen to reviews from instructors on all things Gear! Topics include best concealed carry holsters, best concealed carry gun, best flashlight, ball and expanding points, and why low capacity guns suck.

Best Concealed Carry Holster

The best holster is the one that fits you and your body. See what works, what doesn’t and what should be left on the store shelf or tossed in trash.

Best Concealed Carry Gun

Master Sang Lee of RMSI joins us…

Best Flashlight

What kind of flashlight are you carrying everyday? Don’t say none. It’s not always necessary to have a light that can be seen from outer space. If you carry a firearm you’d better have a light for target discrimination.

Ball and Expanding Points

Ball point ammunition has a long history in military applications, and is common round in civilian life as well. Concealed carry instructor Mickey S

Why Low Capacity Guns Suck

Low capacity firearms aren’t the best tools for self defense. Here is why.

Multiple attackers at close distances can make reloading a perilous situation with a revolver or low capacity mag.

Mickey Schuch of Carry Trainer and Sang Lee square off on the timer in this episode to show the weaknesses of low capacity guns. When multiple shots on multiple targets are required, Sang is much faster using a glock with a high capacity magazine.

This training video was filmed in Illinois comparing Glocks and a Smith & Wesson snubnose revolver.