RateMyShootingInsturctor.com was created out of necessity due to a lack of a proper online presence to support the overall cause of firearm safety for both civilians and professionals.

Today there are more firearm instructors and opportunities to train &┬álearn new skills than ever before. In the world that we live today, we seek knowledge of other fellow peers’ experiences to guide our decision making. When saving lives or neutralizing a situation, there’s no room for compromise, training is paramount.

Our efforts is to aim for excellence in both student learning and more importantly, in the instructor’s teachings. A good instructor will provide the best opportunity for a student to learn proper techniques and skill to ensure optimal safety measures.

Our goal is to assist individuals ranging from first time shooters to combative armed forces, in finding the right instructor. We strive for high quality data, information, and feedback from both students and instructors in order to greatly benefit everyone.

With all this in mind, a combined effort of highly experienced instructors, past students and IT professionals has designed and developed this user-friendly community to succeed in our goals to make this world a safer place.

Right to bear arms is your constitutional right but learning how to be a safe and effective user is your duty.